23 Jul

It’s Awesome!

It’s awesome!

Prayers are amazing 🙂 I love it so much… At a certain point, it becomes so sweet and mind opening. Light and love come in and flood you all over. Good positive thoughts come in and God really really helps!

It’s like a door that you work on opening. Think of a door that exists in your mind/soul all the time. You mostly don’t pay attention to it. But then you do something and it cracks open.. If you keep doing the same thing it opens more and more until one day it’s fully open, and the whole place is flooded with light 🙂

The funny thing is, that the more you open the door, the larger the door becomes! So in essence you’re enhancing the shutter for the light. When I say light I don’t mean a bright light, per se. It is a goodness, love, liberation, wisdom, everything LIFE that we’ve missed soooo much since we were little kids. It’s still here! It didn’t go anywhere, we don’t have to be on a beach somewhere to have this feeling.

Another thing is that once it happens, only then you know why you need it, and why you want it, and most of all – why anything in this world is not even remotely close to it.

Try it, it’s gold! 🙂

12 Sep

Getting out of “auto-responder” mode

We started our lives.

Our parents interact with us, engage us.. we start to respond 🙂 what a joyful moment in the eyes of every parent.. their baby is responding to them. Smiling, laughing, crying, then talking, walking and playing.

As we grow up, we shape our responds. We become more easily “responsive”, and our teachers at school demand that. We need to be responsive, we need to care about what’s happening in the world. We can’t “play” all the time.. we can’t just “wonder” around. We need to get our feet on the ground and respond.

Okay, fair enough. We need to get along with the rest of the world.. so we respond, and we respond and respond, until we start to auto-respond! This is where it becomes an issue.

Now, someone is talking to us and asking for something in a different way than what we’re used to. We can only respond in the way we have embedded into us. We can’t respond differently, it takes an enormous amount of inner strength, will and persistence to respond differently. Because we are already set on auto-responder. It is known and comfortable.

Very few of us learn to respond differently, those are usually recovered alcoholics, recovered drug addicts, and people who decided to change their lives for the better.
It takes effort and time, it takes discipline, above all it takes someone else to help us.

Prayer is one way to achieve that. We cannot change the way we behave because we wouldn’t know where to start. But we can ask for guidance, and it will arrive. One way or the other, if we’re patient… help will arrive!

28 Apr

Happy and Indifferent as a Way of Life

Since we begin our lives we’re looking for one thing – all of us, we’re looking for how to be happy! We’re trying different things, money, power, respect & honor, interesting jobs, fun adventures, you name it. However, when we reach this state of joy, it is very difficult for us to maintain it..

The thing is that we are surrounded by other people who have different agendas 🙂 This puts us on the collision course of many that might not and probably not share the same joy that we feel at the same given time. It could be our spouses, our friends, work colleagues or some guy in the street honking his car.

These people are not bad nor evil, they don’t want to squeeze our life’s joy away from us.. they just happen to be there according to their own simple agenda. We just happened to be there too and then all hell breaks loose…

Lets look at one scenario… We’re happy and joyful, some guy honks at us, we ignore him the first time. He gets mad and drives next to us and waves his hands.. we lose our temper and bam! joy gone.
Now lets take one step back. The same guy drives next to us and waves his hands, we look at him and keep driving, stay joyful, ignore his actions. Result – we did not give up our well being for someone else’s state of mind.

Another scenario, we’re sitting on our couch all happy and joyful. Our spouse gets in. He or she gets all upset that we’re not doing what we need to do, or – that we did something wrong according to their current state of thoughts. We try to understand and discuss, they keep nagging, we get upset – bam! joy gone.. for no reason 🙂
Lets examine this, we could have just stayed where we were and remain indifferent. Stay joyful and not generate even an inch of stress within us. It takes practice, but if you have a nagging spouse – you are blessed with this great amazing opportunity! Simply practice to not care, to ignore. There’s no way! just no way! we need to change our good state of mind for someone else’s momentary grief. It is ground breaking, I know. You could look at them and smile, let it pass.. They might say the most awful things you can hear, how terrible you look when you smile like an idiot, how you’re at fault in everything that happened in their lives, or how they will go ahead and leave you right now if you won’t strike that stupid smile of your face. Remain calm, nothing to be upset about.. Try to see if there’s something you could do to help, if not – let it go.. Who cares what they say? They don’t mean it anyhow.. They’re just saying that to hurt you because you are not responding to their emotions 🙂 It’s silly huh?

People will say that it’s a sad way to live, naturally because they are moved by every inch of emotion that surrounds them, they can’t see life otherwise. But for the ones that want to remain happy no matter what, for the ones that know that their internal joy is the most precious thing you can have, those ones can quietly, silently practice being indifferent.

And do not worry about your loved ones leaving you, they will never do. People are always attracted to strong minded joyful beings. They are influenced by them and their stress leaves them eventually. The results are astonishing.. suddenly life will stop nagging you.. there’s no need, God brought you to a higher state of being! Time to smile 🙂

08 Jan

Reaching a Peaceful State

Peace is an essential ingredient to any type of prayer or meditation. It is the ultimate goal in fact, and the feeling that comes with it – oh, it cannot be described!

When we were kids, our constant state of mind was naturally happy.. we jumped, laughed, enjoyed every little thing and when we went to sleep, we slept like “babies” as we really were.. babies don’t worry, they don’t care, they are in a constant state of peace.

Then, we had to grow up. Our parents, educator, street, TV, movies, all of them taught us one thing, fight! Fight for your right, fight for your pride, your girl friend, your friends, your country, even for silly things like toys and ice cream.. When we reach adulthood, we’re fighting for every little thing, and it’s widely accepted! Our society actually embraces it, because “hey, you gotta fight for what you want” right? 🙂 Well, no. You do not need to fight.

This note is for who ever is tired of fighting and really wants to find the light from within, the true seekers of peace. In order to reach that, you need to take baby steps, not a one giant step! but baby steps, because this will be the only way you could divert the stream back to its original state.

So, slowly, and gradually, avoid non-peaceful situations. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your job, if your job requires you to insist on things you should adhere to your training. However, why get upset? Why fight or argue? In the famous “Better Negotiating” class taken by MBA students they teach you the first thing – don’t act from your ego or pride, work with the person not against him, sit next to him as opposed to in front of him, create a win-win situation where everybody gains. We can learn to listen, to see what the other person really needs or wishes to say, then we can think about it and respond with compassion. It works.. believe that, it will work if you really want to find peace, and when it will something amazing will happen. You will start feeling some sort of movement inside of you, you’ll start feeling really good, from no reason.. as if God, the universe is rewarding you for your effort.

This is a higher state of prayer called “peace” and “positivity” and you achieved it as a result of your inner strength, your persistence and intelligence. You deserve to feel this way as it is your true human nature.


08 Dec

What do I need to do?

What do we need to do?

Absolutely nothing! We have everything we need.

I’ll keep writing so it won’t feel too empty… 

We are in a non-peaceful state, most of the time. We are moved by our inner voices that calls us to not be lazy, get somewhere, do something, fight! and take control of our lives.

The truth is that we are listening to the wrong people, anyone who is not ourselves is the wrong person. Even if that person is Albert Einstein. 

Listening to other folks puts us on a weird and curvy path, starting with our educators, our parents or close friends, we bind ourselves into a world of beliefs that we did not create. The second we buy their beliefs we become trapped in a push and pull environment within us. Events that occur outside of us create a ripple effect on our thoughts and emotions inside. Then – we react, we push back, or pull… we negotiate, get upset, get excited, and we become restless.

Someone says something that we don’t like, we get offended, we respond in an irrational manner. 

We grow up, time passes, we experience things and learn how things work. Then that moment comes when we realize that this is all a big empty bubble. We simply glimpse inside and see that this is not at all what we wanted for ourselves, it’s not what our body, mind and soul wanted, it’s a thought system we planted in our brains as a mistake of listening to what other people believe. 

Needless to say that the other people are trapped in the same bubble.

So, try not to do anything. Try not to respond to that bubble… and good luck with that 🙂

You will only resist your own thoughts and get into a world of pain.

What really works is to become apathetic, let things pass by you without touching you.. you will have to give up control and you will have to be super super brave, because no one will be there with you! It’s a very lonely process. But hey, this is you, this is what YOU want! 🙂

It’s like the runner’s high effect, it is that stage that you pass which the pain and hardship won’t bother you anymore. This is the point when you will be no longer subjected to the effect of the bubble on you. 

At that point, you are free!

Can I do this alone?

Perhaps, for the little things. For the big misunderstandings you need something bigger than you to help, an enhanced you, praying for help will do the trick.

06 Dec

What is Prayer?

So – what is prayer?

Prayer is a way to connect to the universe, to the creator, to higher power, and requesting help in order to step up.

Everyone prays, even the strongest atheists, they think of it as nature, super heroes, they call it the big bang… 

Secretly, we all call something in there that is larger than us! We like the idea, and it comes to us because we want to go back to the source, when all this ego bubble will disappear and we’ll be just ourselves, as kids. Naked from any exterior shell or protection, happy and free.

So what happens to us?

We grow up, physically. Not necessarily mentally… We find a job, we study, and we start taking these things really serious! I mean – really serious!!! We BELIEVE that education is the most important thing, we BELIEVE that finding a job that we like will make us happy, we BELIEVE that this is our goal in life.. it becomes one, and all hell breaks loose.

Once we forget that these are all simply things we do, and these are all just fun and games we go through in life, we get stuck and we can never leave it, not without help.. because the world around us keeps reminding us how important those things are.

So lets see, should we stop working? Shall we quit our jobs and go wanderlust in the woods? The answer is sure, if you want to 🙂 Yet that’s not the solution… The solution is to grow up, really, grow up. Admit that we can’t do this alone and ask for help… this is when we need prayer.

So – who do we pray to, and what is all this nonsense about praying to something else? I believe in myself right? That’s the way to go…Well, it has nothing to do with believing in yourself. It’s taking it one step further, it’s realizing that there are things you just can’t do alone.. Most of the gurus of the east say the same, one must find a guru to take the leap of faith, only with an enlightened being the path can be seen.

Here comes the prayer, we can and we should ask for help. It’s so simple.. but what shall we ask for? This is the real question.

Shall we ask for a new car, a new house, a life partner, a better job? Maybe those things will resolve themselves when we move on to the next step… Just maybe if we ask the right thing for us at the time that we need it, God, or the universe will “move” us towards that direction.. and we’ll see the light.


Prayer starts with meditation. Before even considering asking for something you need to ask yourself what am I asking and why. The higher power responds to higher forms of prayer. Nature is so sophisticated and so vast that if we ask for a man made thing that we can work for and buy, it’s like throwing a tiny stone into a pond… nothing happens! maybe some ripple.

Meditating means looking inward, it means that we need to see inside what is that thing that we need to fix.. What is holding us back? What did we adopt to ourselves that we cannot see at this point, which we no longer need.

The fact that you’re here, reading this, trying this, means that you have something to find.. it’s there, the next layer to peel. We all have that. Just take a peak inside, don’t do anything, don’t “explain” yourself what is wrong and or don’t be scared if you see something you don’t like. Just realize what you need to correct.

Then ask… The prayer has 3 parts to it:

  • Recognizing what I need to ask for
  • Sending the request out to the universe
  • Understanding the response

How to ask, who to ask, doesn’t matter.. ask the highest being for you. Ask the universe, request help and just send it out there… while you meditate.

And then what?

Help arrives! It does and almost right away. This time you didn’t throw a little stone in a pond, you cracked a mountain nearby. God, angels, the whole universe feels it, and you’ll get assistance. If you’re really deep inside and your mind is relatively quiet, you will feel something “moving” you. It’s fun 🙂 It’s a long forgotten feeling that you experienced as a kid almost every night. You are shifted inside towards a place of realization.

Next, be aware of the events that will follow that day. You’ll go through things, you’ll have certain interactions, that as a result you’ll realize amazing things. You’ll realize the least expected… let it sink, you’ll see that it will end up being what you asked for. It won’t be predictable at all.. because if it would have been, you would have fixed it yourself. Since you need help – you will see the answer that you alone could not figure out.

Lastly, thank the universe, thank God! Donate, help someone, do something good. Show the universe that you are so thankful for reaching that thing that prevented you from being happy.