06 Dec

What is Prayer?

So – what is prayer?

Prayer is a way to connect to the universe, to the creator, to higher power, and requesting help in order to step up.

Everyone prays, even the strongest atheists, they think of it as nature, super heroes, they call it the big bang… 

Secretly, we all call something in there that is larger than us! We like the idea, and it comes to us because we want to go back to the source, when all this ego bubble will disappear and we’ll be just ourselves, as kids. Naked from any exterior shell or protection, happy and free.

So what happens to us?

We grow up, physically. Not necessarily mentally… We find a job, we study, and we start taking these things really serious! I mean – really serious!!! We BELIEVE that education is the most important thing, we BELIEVE that finding a job that we like will make us happy, we BELIEVE that this is our goal in life.. it becomes one, and all hell breaks loose.

Once we forget that these are all simply things we do, and these are all just fun and games we go through in life, we get stuck and we can never leave it, not without help.. because the world around us keeps reminding us how important those things are.

So lets see, should we stop working? Shall we quit our jobs and go wanderlust in the woods? The answer is sure, if you want to 🙂 Yet that’s not the solution… The solution is to grow up, really, grow up. Admit that we can’t do this alone and ask for help… this is when we need prayer.

So – who do we pray to, and what is all this nonsense about praying to something else? I believe in myself right? That’s the way to go…Well, it has nothing to do with believing in yourself. It’s taking it one step further, it’s realizing that there are things you just can’t do alone.. Most of the gurus of the east say the same, one must find a guru to take the leap of faith, only with an enlightened being the path can be seen.

Here comes the prayer, we can and we should ask for help. It’s so simple.. but what shall we ask for? This is the real question.

Shall we ask for a new car, a new house, a life partner, a better job? Maybe those things will resolve themselves when we move on to the next step… Just maybe if we ask the right thing for us at the time that we need it, God, or the universe will “move” us towards that direction.. and we’ll see the light.


Prayer starts with meditation. Before even considering asking for something you need to ask yourself what am I asking and why. The higher power responds to higher forms of prayer. Nature is so sophisticated and so vast that if we ask for a man made thing that we can work for and buy, it’s like throwing a tiny stone into a pond… nothing happens! maybe some ripple.

Meditating means looking inward, it means that we need to see inside what is that thing that we need to fix.. What is holding us back? What did we adopt to ourselves that we cannot see at this point, which we no longer need.

The fact that you’re here, reading this, trying this, means that you have something to find.. it’s there, the next layer to peel. We all have that. Just take a peak inside, don’t do anything, don’t “explain” yourself what is wrong and or don’t be scared if you see something you don’t like. Just realize what you need to correct.

Then ask… The prayer has 3 parts to it:

  • Recognizing what I need to ask for
  • Sending the request out to the universe
  • Understanding the response

How to ask, who to ask, doesn’t matter.. ask the highest being for you. Ask the universe, request help and just send it out there… while you meditate.

And then what?

Help arrives! It does and almost right away. This time you didn’t throw a little stone in a pond, you cracked a mountain nearby. God, angels, the whole universe feels it, and you’ll get assistance. If you’re really deep inside and your mind is relatively quiet, you will feel something “moving” you. It’s fun 🙂 It’s a long forgotten feeling that you experienced as a kid almost every night. You are shifted inside towards a place of realization.

Next, be aware of the events that will follow that day. You’ll go through things, you’ll have certain interactions, that as a result you’ll realize amazing things. You’ll realize the least expected… let it sink, you’ll see that it will end up being what you asked for. It won’t be predictable at all.. because if it would have been, you would have fixed it yourself. Since you need help – you will see the answer that you alone could not figure out.

Lastly, thank the universe, thank God! Donate, help someone, do something good. Show the universe that you are so thankful for reaching that thing that prevented you from being happy. 

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