08 Dec

What do I need to do?

What do we need to do?

Absolutely nothing! We have everything we need.

I’ll keep writing so it won’t feel too empty… 

We are in a non-peaceful state, most of the time. We are moved by our inner voices that calls us to not be lazy, get somewhere, do something, fight! and take control of our lives.

The truth is that we are listening to the wrong people, anyone who is not ourselves is the wrong person. Even if that person is Albert Einstein. 

Listening to other folks puts us on a weird and curvy path, starting with our educators, our parents or close friends, we bind ourselves into a world of beliefs that we did not create. The second we buy their beliefs we become trapped in a push and pull environment within us. Events that occur outside of us create a ripple effect on our thoughts and emotions inside. Then – we react, we push back, or pull… we negotiate, get upset, get excited, and we become restless.

Someone says something that we don’t like, we get offended, we respond in an irrational manner. 

We grow up, time passes, we experience things and learn how things work. Then that moment comes when we realize that this is all a big empty bubble. We simply glimpse inside and see that this is not at all what we wanted for ourselves, it’s not what our body, mind and soul wanted, it’s a thought system we planted in our brains as a mistake of listening to what other people believe. 

Needless to say that the other people are trapped in the same bubble.

So, try not to do anything. Try not to respond to that bubble… and good luck with that 🙂

You will only resist your own thoughts and get into a world of pain.

What really works is to become apathetic, let things pass by you without touching you.. you will have to give up control and you will have to be super super brave, because no one will be there with you! It’s a very lonely process. But hey, this is you, this is what YOU want! 🙂

It’s like the runner’s high effect, it is that stage that you pass which the pain and hardship won’t bother you anymore. This is the point when you will be no longer subjected to the effect of the bubble on you. 

At that point, you are free!

Can I do this alone?

Perhaps, for the little things. For the big misunderstandings you need something bigger than you to help, an enhanced you, praying for help will do the trick.

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