08 Jan

Reaching a Peaceful State

Peace is an essential ingredient to any type of prayer or meditation. It is the ultimate goal in fact, and the feeling that comes with it – oh, it cannot be described!

When we were kids, our constant state of mind was naturally happy.. we jumped, laughed, enjoyed every little thing and when we went to sleep, we slept like “babies” as we really were.. babies don’t worry, they don’t care, they are in a constant state of peace.

Then, we had to grow up. Our parents, educator, street, TV, movies, all of them taught us one thing, fight! Fight for your right, fight for your pride, your girl friend, your friends, your country, even for silly things like toys and ice cream.. When we reach adulthood, we’re fighting for every little thing, and it’s widely accepted! Our society actually embraces it, because “hey, you gotta fight for what you want” right? 🙂 Well, no. You do not need to fight.

This note is for who ever is tired of fighting and really wants to find the light from within, the true seekers of peace. In order to reach that, you need to take baby steps, not a one giant step! but baby steps, because this will be the only way you could divert the stream back to its original state.

So, slowly, and gradually, avoid non-peaceful situations. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your job, if your job requires you to insist on things you should adhere to your training. However, why get upset? Why fight or argue? In the famous “Better Negotiating” class taken by MBA students they teach you the first thing – don’t act from your ego or pride, work with the person not against him, sit next to him as opposed to in front of him, create a win-win situation where everybody gains. We can learn to listen, to see what the other person really needs or wishes to say, then we can think about it and respond with compassion. It works.. believe that, it will work if you really want to find peace, and when it will something amazing will happen. You will start feeling some sort of movement inside of you, you’ll start feeling really good, from no reason.. as if God, the universe is rewarding you for your effort.

This is a higher state of prayer called “peace” and “positivity” and you achieved it as a result of your inner strength, your persistence and intelligence. You deserve to feel this way as it is your true human nature.