28 Apr

Happy and Indifferent as a Way of Life

Since we begin our lives we’re looking for one thing – all of us, we’re looking for how to be happy! We’re trying different things, money, power, respect & honor, interesting jobs, fun adventures, you name it. However, when we reach this state of joy, it is very difficult for us to maintain it..

The thing is that we are surrounded by other people who have different agendas 🙂 This puts us on the collision course of many that might not and probably not share the same joy that we feel at the same given time. It could be our spouses, our friends, work colleagues or some guy in the street honking his car.

These people are not bad nor evil, they don’t want to squeeze our life’s joy away from us.. they just happen to be there according to their own simple agenda. We just happened to be there too and then all hell breaks loose…

Lets look at one scenario… We’re happy and joyful, some guy honks at us, we ignore him the first time. He gets mad and drives next to us and waves his hands.. we lose our temper and bam! joy gone.
Now lets take one step back. The same guy drives next to us and waves his hands, we look at him and keep driving, stay joyful, ignore his actions. Result – we did not give up our well being for someone else’s state of mind.

Another scenario, we’re sitting on our couch all happy and joyful. Our spouse gets in. He or she gets all upset that we’re not doing what we need to do, or – that we did something wrong according to their current state of thoughts. We try to understand and discuss, they keep nagging, we get upset – bam! joy gone.. for no reason 🙂
Lets examine this, we could have just stayed where we were and remain indifferent. Stay joyful and not generate even an inch of stress within us. It takes practice, but if you have a nagging spouse – you are blessed with this great amazing opportunity! Simply practice to not care, to ignore. There’s no way! just no way! we need to change our good state of mind for someone else’s momentary grief. It is ground breaking, I know. You could look at them and smile, let it pass.. They might say the most awful things you can hear, how terrible you look when you smile like an idiot, how you’re at fault in everything that happened in their lives, or how they will go ahead and leave you right now if you won’t strike that stupid smile of your face. Remain calm, nothing to be upset about.. Try to see if there’s something you could do to help, if not – let it go.. Who cares what they say? They don’t mean it anyhow.. They’re just saying that to hurt you because you are not responding to their emotions 🙂 It’s silly huh?

People will say that it’s a sad way to live, naturally because they are moved by every inch of emotion that surrounds them, they can’t see life otherwise. But for the ones that want to remain happy no matter what, for the ones that know that their internal joy is the most precious thing you can have, those ones can quietly, silently practice being indifferent.

And do not worry about your loved ones leaving you, they will never do. People are always attracted to strong minded joyful beings. They are influenced by them and their stress leaves them eventually. The results are astonishing.. suddenly life will stop nagging you.. there’s no need, God brought you to a higher state of being! Time to smile 🙂