12 Sep

Getting out of “auto-responder” mode

We started our lives.

Our parents interact with us, engage us.. we start to respond 🙂 what a joyful moment in the eyes of every parent.. their baby is responding to them. Smiling, laughing, crying, then talking, walking and playing.

As we grow up, we shape our responds. We become more easily “responsive”, and our teachers at school demand that. We need to be responsive, we need to care about what’s happening in the world. We can’t “play” all the time.. we can’t just “wonder” around. We need to get our feet on the ground and respond.

Okay, fair enough. We need to get along with the rest of the world.. so we respond, and we respond and respond, until we start to auto-respond! This is where it becomes an issue.

Now, someone is talking to us and asking for something in a different way than what we’re used to. We can only respond in the way we have embedded into us. We can’t respond differently, it takes an enormous amount of inner strength, will and persistence to respond differently. Because we are already set on auto-responder. It is known and comfortable.

Very few of us learn to respond differently, those are usually recovered alcoholics, recovered drug addicts, and people who decided to change their lives for the better.
It takes effort and time, it takes discipline, above all it takes someone else to help us.

Prayer is one way to achieve that. We cannot change the way we behave because we wouldn’t know where to start. But we can ask for guidance, and it will arrive. One way or the other, if we’re patient… help will arrive!