23 Jul

It’s Awesome!

It’s awesome!

Prayers are amazing 🙂 I love it so much… At a certain point, it becomes so sweet and mind opening. Light and love come in and flood you all over. Good positive thoughts come in and God really really helps!

It’s like a door that you work on opening. Think of a door that exists in your mind/soul all the time. You mostly don’t pay attention to it. But then you do something and it cracks open.. If you keep doing the same thing it opens more and more until one day it’s fully open, and the whole place is flooded with light 🙂

The funny thing is, that the more you open the door, the larger the door becomes! So in essence you’re enhancing the shutter for the light. When I say light I don’t mean a bright light, per se. It is a goodness, love, liberation, wisdom, everything LIFE that we’ve missed soooo much since we were little kids. It’s still here! It didn’t go anywhere, we don’t have to be on a beach somewhere to have this feeling.

Another thing is that once it happens, only then you know why you need it, and why you want it, and most of all – why anything in this world is not even remotely close to it.

Try it, it’s gold! 🙂